ReSound’s Water-Resistant “iSolate Nanotech” Coating Is On Cutting Edge Of A Revolution In Hearing Aid Materials

ReSound iSolate Nanotech

ReSound's announcement that its iSolate Nantotech protective coating has reduced moisture-related repairs to its hearing aids by 50 percent since its introduction six months ago is the latest example of a quiet revolution in modern materials that is transforming the hearing aid industry. As the spotlight has been shining on new sound processing systems and other … [Read more...]

Hearing Mojo Publishes Hearing Aid Comparison Chart With Data On Leading Global Manufacturers’ Flagship Hearing Aid Brands

Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 2.58.11 PM

NOTE: Due to a bad WordPress Plugin, the chart comparing premium hearing aid brands is temporarily unavailable. We're working to develop a new, better chart, but in the meantime have taken this page off our navigation menus. However, it's still available through search engines, so if you've reached this page and are disappointed the chart is not here, we apologize. We'll get a … [Read more...]

Siemens Plunges Into Invisible Hearing Aid Market With New iMini, A 16-Channel Device Featuring Siemens BestSound Processing

Siemens iMini

With the launch of its new iMini hearing aid family this month, Siemens Hearing Instruments will take the plunge into the hot market for invisible in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids. While pre-announcement details are sketchy, enough information has trickled out to confirm that the tiny Siemens iMini hearing aids will sit so deep within the ear canal as to be virtually … [Read more...]

New Starkey Wi Series Hearing Aids Feature Wireless Connections To Your TV, Radio And Computer

Starkey Wi Series Hearing Aids

With its new Starkey Wi Series, Starkey Laboratories has added its name to the list of major hearing-aid manufacturers offering direct wireless audio reception from televisions, computers, stereos and other devices. Starkey's new IRIS wireless integrated circuit platform in the hearing aid connects directly to most media devices via a new Surflink Media Streamer that plugs into … [Read more...]

New Hearing Aids From Starkey and Beltone Receive Innovation Honors At Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


The hearing aid industry has been historically slow to market its products to consumer electronics enthusiasts. That's why it's good to see a growing number of hearing aid companies submitting their products for design awards and for industry recognition. The world's biggest venue for showing off new electronic products is the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which … [Read more...]

USA Today: How Starkey Founder Bill Austin Does Well By Doing Good

William Austin, CEO of Starkey Laboratories

USA Today has published a wonderful profile on Bill Austin, Founder and CEO of the biggest hearing-aid manufacturer in the U.S., Starkey Laboratories. It focuses rightly on the phenomenal degree of philanthropic work he's done, distributing free hearing aids to millions of people in need throughout the world. It also reviews his history as a super salesman of hearing aids, with … [Read more...]

Buy Or Build? Starkey Turns Semiconductor Design Over To AMI

Buy or build? That's a question that always confronts system manufacturers. It makes sense to buy standard components, but you want to own the designs for components that give your product a performance edge. Starkey Laboratories has answered the question about a major component in its hearing aids by selling its chip design group to AMI Semiconductor, Inc., which produces DSP … [Read more...]

Introducing The Long-Awaited Convergence Of Hearing Aids And Consumer Electronics

Paul Dybala, Ph.D., the editor of both Audiology Online and Healthy Hearing, has filed a wonderful, comprehensive report on the convergence of hearing aids and the wave of consumer earpieces and headsets being marketed by cellphone makers and consumer electronics companies. In 1999, Dr. Dybala was among the first to predict the mainstreaming of ear-level hearing-assistance … [Read more...]