Able Planet’s Noise-Canceling Headphones Introduce True Hearing-Aid Technology To Consumer Electronics Industry

Able Planet's Noise Canceling Headphones Take on Bose

Able Planet has been around a long time developing assistive listening products for the hearing-assistance industry based on its Linx Audio sound processing technology. But recently it has taken on a new look with a high-profile branding campaign and a new, broad line of high-end noise-canceling headphones, earphones and accessories attacking the heart of the consumer … [Read more...]

Hearing Aid Technology Is Finally Going To Work In Hearing Protection Market

Phonak Primero DPD Integrates Hearing Enhancement and Protection

For a long time, the standard in hearing protection for the military, police and workers in noisy industrial environments was little more than a set of ill-fitting ear plugs. But blocking your hearing is often more dangerous than potentially losing it in noisy environments where inability to hear your colleague's voices or failure to hear warnings of an imminent threat can put … [Read more...]