Starkey Group Enters Invisible Hearing Aid Market Under Five Different Brand Names

The Starkey Group Has A Multi-Brand Marketing Strategy For Its Invisible Hearing Aids

The Starkey Group is jumping into the invisible hearing aid market, with five of its brand names selling a tiny new device that fits deep within the ear canal. It also set up a web site, Invisible Hearing, to promote what appears to be a common platform product that is being shared by all five Starkey Group companies — Starkey Laboratories, NuEar, MicroTech, AudioSync, and Audibel. Each brand is selling the digital device under its own name, but all the hearing aids feature similar technology and features, including: a design enabling deep insertion within the “second bend” of the ear canal, making it nearly impossible to see; a 16-channel digital signal processor; processing software with noise reduction and “speech preservation;” feedback cancellation; and an innovative “T2” controller enabling you to adjust volume and memory settings from your cell phone or touch-tone phone. [Read more…]