CNN Report On Widex Manufacturing Shows How 3-D Printing Is Revolutionizing Invisible Hearing Aids

Widex scored a PR coup today with a CNN report on its advanced manufacturing technology used for its in-the-ear hearing aids. The on-air report (right) shows how Widex's proprietary CAMISHA process -- Computer Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids -- produces the tiny invisible in-the-canal (IIC) shells for its mind and Menu hearing aid … [Read more...]

Oticon Enters Invisible Hearing Aid Market With Intiga-I For First-Time Users

Oticon Intiga-I Hearing Aid

Oticon has jumped into the hot market for "invisible" hearing aids--tiny devices that sit deep within the ear canal--with its new Intiga-I model for first-time users. The Intiga-I hearing aid has a nanocoated wax protection system and a T- cap microphone protection system that will enable the device to withstand the moist environment of the deep ear canal. And it features … [Read more...]

Phonak Shrinks Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid And Improves Fit To Increase The Number Who Can Use It

Lyric Hearing Aid

Phonak announced it has shrunk its Lyric invisible hearing aids and improved the fit to make it accessible to 50 percent more consumers. The Lyric hearing aids meet the needs of people with mild to moderate hearing loss who are looking for a completely invisible hearing solution. Placed deeply within the ear canal by an audiologist, the Lyric hearing aid is worn day and … [Read more...]

Starkey Laboratories Research Shows ‘Invisibility’ Is One Of Top Five Factors In Consumers’ Hearing Aid Choice

Hearing Aid Purchase Criteria

According to new market research, "invisibility" is one of the top five factors customers consider when buying a hearing aid, according to a presentation by a senior Starkey Laboratories executive yesterday at the 2012 Starkey Hearing Innovations Expo in Las Vegas. The research (Chart 1) reveals that consumers are less interested in what brand of hearing aid they are buying … [Read more...]

Hearing-Aid Industry Unbound: Ten Trends To Follow In 2012 That Could Help Drive Double-Digit Growth

Every January, I jot down ten trends I plan to watch that will provide insights about how, why and when innovative technologies and new business ventures might unleash growth in the hearing-aid industry. In 2011, the global hearing-aid industry experienced something on the order of two percent growth. That's a disappointing performance in a year when millions of … [Read more...]

Miracle-Ear Mirage Is The Latest Entrant In The Burgeoning Market For Invisible Hearing Aids

Miracle-Ear Mirage Invisible Hearing Aids

With its introduction this week of a very small digital hearing aid that sits deep enough within the ear canal to disappear from sight, Miracle-Ear is the latest entrant in the burgeoning market for "invisible hearing aids." The Miracle-Ear Mirage is a digital hearing aid with many of the advanced features customers expect in full-featured digital aids, including feedback … [Read more...]

ExSilent AirTAP Technology Makes It Easy To Switch Program Settings On New QLeaf Pro Invisible Hearing Aid

ExSilent introduced the QLeaf Pro invisible hearing aid featuring new AirTAP technology that makes it simple to switch between four program settings optimized for different listening environments. The young independent hearing aid manufacturer based in the Netherlands made a splash in 2009 when it introduced ExSilent Q invisible hearing aid, which sits deep within the ear … [Read more...]

Why Lantos Technologies’ Search For The Perfect Earmold Is A Game-Changer For The Hearing Aid And High-End Audio Industries

Lantos Technologies

Lantos Technologies, a Cambridge, Massachusetts startup company working with patented technology developed at MIT, is on a quest for the perfect ear mold fitting. With $1.6 million in venture capital funding, the company is developing a unique scanner that will create an exact digital image of the inner ear, enabling ear mold manufacturers to produce hearing-aid shells, … [Read more...]

Siemens Plunges Into Invisible Hearing Aid Market With New iMini, A 16-Channel Device Featuring Siemens BestSound Processing

Siemens iMini

With the launch of its new iMini hearing aid family this month, Siemens Hearing Instruments will take the plunge into the hot market for invisible in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids. While pre-announcement details are sketchy, enough information has trickled out to confirm that the tiny Siemens iMini hearing aids will sit so deep within the ear canal as to be virtually … [Read more...]

Invisible Hearing-Aid Implant Developer Envoy Medical Will Answer $140 Million Question This Year

Envoy Medical Esteem Implant

Envoy Medical's Esteem hearing-aid implant is a revolutionary new approach to hearing restoration. Completely unlike any other hearing aid or cochlear implant on the market, it provides significant functional and cosmetic benefits: no device is required for the outer ear, so sound is not obstructed as it passes through the ear canal; there is no artificial amplification of … [Read more...]