Finally, A Single-Snapshot View Of The Entire Hearing Aid Industry


Anyone new to the hearing aid industry can be easily overwhelmed by the complex web of brands and product manufacturers. But most hearing aid buyers would like to know where their products are coming from. Hearing Tracker, the leading online review system for hearing aids and providers, has finally brought some order to the chaos with a visual snapshot of all the global hearing … [Read more...]

Solving The ‘Cocktail Party’ Challenge Of Enhancing Speech In Noise

Here's something I've been waiting for -- a sound processing algorithm promising to isolate speech in noise and, once and for all, solve the "cocktail party" problem for hearing aid wearers. A team of researchers at Ohio State University has developed a new algorithm that identifies speech-based sound waves in noisy environments and eliminates other noise, and they claim to … [Read more...]

Phonak’s Wireless Hearing Aid Peripherals Aid Comprehension

Phonak Roger Wireless Hearing Aid Peripherals

Phonak's new "Roger" wireless hearing aid peripherals make it easier to understand conversations in noisy environments, hear the TV and stereo, and communicate more effectively on both mobile and landline phones. Taken together, the new products comprise a wireless ecosystem for Phonak hearing aid users. By transforming hearing aids into connected, multi-function communications … [Read more...]

ReSound LiNX Wireless Hearing Aid Pushes Power And Performance Envelope

ReSound Smart App

GN ReSound's new LiNX hearing aid isn't just the world's first "Made for iPhone Hearing Aid." It's also a high-tech system that pushes the performance envelope by fitting more processing power and communication power into its smallest receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid. LiNX is the latest shoe to drop in a steady progression of technology-driven product introductions from the … [Read more...]

GN ReSound Introduces World’s First ‘Made for iPhone Hearing Aid’

It took a while, but "Made for iPhone Hearing Aids" have finally made it to market with GN ReSound´s introduction today of its new LiNX(tm) hearing aid family. Will the marriage of smartphones and hearing aids jump-start more rapid growth in the global hearing-aid industry? With ReSound LiNX hearing aids, users will be able to stream phone conversations, music and other … [Read more...]

hiHealthInnovations Offers Discount On Direct-To-Consumer Hearing Aids


UnitedHealthCare is offering discounts on prescription hearing aids from its hi HealthInnovations subsidiary for customers enrolled in its vision benefit plans. Prices for custom-programmed hearing aids start at $649 each under the discount plan, whereas hi HealthInnovations retail hearing aids start at $749. UnitedHealthcare plan participants and consumers interested in … [Read more...]

New Starkey 3 Series Family Packs More Punch Into Its Smallest-Ever Custom Wireless Hearing Aids

Starkey 3 Series Hearing Aids

With the introduction of its new Starkey 3 Series hearing aids, Starkey Hearing Technologies has packed more power into its smallest custom wireless hearing aids. The completely-in-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC) and in-the-ear (ITE) models in the family all feature binaural wireless communication between left and right hearing aids. They also utilize Starkey's BluWave 3.0 … [Read more...]

MDHearingAid Disrupts Affordable Hearing Aid Market By Adding T-Coils To Its New ‘Air’ Product Line

MDHearingAid Air

MDHearingAid has raised the performance bar in the market for affordable hearing aids sold over the internet by introducing a model integrating telecoils to make it easier to use the hearing aids with a phone. The MDHearingAid Air, at $349.99 per hearing aid, is the first entry-level internet hearing aid to provide t-coil functionality. And for a limited time, the company is … [Read more...]

Take It From The Hearing Aid Makers: Without Great Design, ‘Wearable Computing’ Products Will Go Nowhere

Google Glass Prototype

Google is stoking up the PR for Google Glass, its still-in-development "wearable computing" project that will let you view the web all day long through a tiny computer monitor attached to a pair of high-tech eyeglasses. But like many other tech companies that try to make consumer products, Google is struggling mightily in the design department. It's time they took a  closer … [Read more...]

Here We Go Again: Report Says Siemens May Sell Its Hearing Aids Business

Dow Jones is reporting that Siemens, the giant diversified global technology company, once again is considering selling off its Siemens Hearing Instruments business. The sale of one of the world's six biggest hearing aid manufacturers could represent a tectonic shift in a global hearing aid industry that has been struggling to achieve higher growth rates in a world where … [Read more...]