William Demant Commits To Maintaining Sonic Innovations Hearing Aid Brand With Product Improvements And Appointment Of New Leader

William Demant Holding Will Keep The Sonic Innovations Hearing Aid Brand Alive

William Demant Holding, which recently won a bidding war to acquire Otix Global, has committed to supporting Otix’s Sonic Innovations hearing aid brand, with the appointment of a new leader and product expansion including a new version of its super-power Endura hearing aid family. The Sonic Innovations brand will be a sibling to Demant’s flagship brand, Oticon hearing aids, which is one of the world’s top six hearing aid suppliers.

The parent company recently appointed Joseph A. Lugara, a 25-year hearing-industry veteran, to lead Sonic Innovations as President and COO. It also added a new model in its Endura hearing aid family, Endura 6, providing severely impaired customers with a broader range of features at different price points. Sonic Innovations will also move its headquarters in the U.S. from Salt Lake City, where it was founded, to New Jersey, near the U.S. headquarters of both Oticon and another William Demant hearing aid brand, Bernafon.

Sonic Innovations’ Super-Power Endura Hearing Aid Has All The Bells And Whistles Patients With Severe Hearing Loss Need

Sonic Innovations Endura Hearing Aid
Sonic Innovations' High-Power Endura Hearing Aids Feature Direct Audio Input (DAI) Connections

With the first shipments of its new super-power Endura behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids this month, Sonic Innovations is providing a satisfying high-end bookend to its line of hearing aids spanning the needs of all users.

The market for hearing aids for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss is smaller than the markets for patients with mild-to-moderate hearing impairments, and sometimes manufacturers’ high-end product lines lack the bells and whistles available to their mainstream customers. But features such as adaptive directional microphones, Bluetooth capability, multiple programs for different listening environments and the latest and greatest feedback cancellation and noise-reduction algorithms are just as if not more important to people with severe hearing impairments as they are to those with more moderate hearing loss.

Sonic Innovations Endura hearing aids provide a maximum gain of 140 decibels, enough power to fit even the most profound hearing loss. They provide adaptive and automatic directional microphones and utilizes the company’s latest “Sonic Sound” digital sound processing software. They also feature integrated Direct Audio Input (DAI) for external personal sound amplifiers, cell phones, MP3 players and other devices. Because DAI provides a hard-wired connection rather than the wireless connection through a telecoil favored by many mainstream hearing aid systems, it can provide a more reliable signal that provides a welcome improvement in comprehension to severely impaired users who need as clear and undistorted audio as possible.

“With the addition of Endura to our family of products, we offer high quality, cutting-edge products for people with all levels of hearing loss,” said Sonic Innovations CEO Sam Westover. [Read more…]