Audicus Makes Waves As CNBC Predicts ‘Startup Boom’ In Market For Affordable Hearing Aids

Audicus CEO Patrick Freuler Predicts Startup Boom In Hearing Aids On CNBC

Audicus, a very cool new company that is one of a select few selling affordable high-quality custom-programmed hearing aids direct to the consumer, was featured yesterday in a CNBC report entitled “The Next Startup Boom: Hearing Aids?

Audicus CEO Patrick Freuler provides the CNBC hosts with background on the rapid increase in hearing loss among consumers of all ages, especially the marked increase in hearing loss among iPod-generation teens, to demonstrate the growing need for affordable hearing assistance.

Audicus sells digital hearing aids that are programmed by the manufacturer based on personal audiograms customers send to the company, bypassing the traditional visit to the audiologist. If you have had a hearing test recently and got a copy of the audiogram showing the results, that’s all you need to order pair of high-quality (and stylish) hearing aids directly from Audicus. [Read more…]