Hearing Mojo: A Web Site For The Hearing Industry

After my own hearing loss, I created Hearing Mojo for hard-of-hearing people and the industry that serves them to share information, news and personal stories about coping with hearing loss.  My background in business, technology and journalism fed my interest in writing posts not only about my own experience with sudden severe hearing loss, but about the hearing aid industry overall. I’m fascinated by the amazing technologies that have changed the experience of people coping with deafness and hearing loss.

Having participated in the fast growth of other technology-driven businesses in the past, I’ve been confounded by the fact that all the great innovations delivered by hearing-aid developers in the past few years have failed to spark global hearing-industry growth rates of more than five percent a year. I’ve looked closely at the evolution of distribution channels and the product and marketing strategies of the leading manufacturers and have a lot of ideas about why customers in need aren’t adopting the new technologies faster.

So, over time, Hearing Mojo has expanded into a general web site for the hearing industry. There is a lot of inside information on hearing aids, hearing assistance products, technologies, and the companies and business strategies driving the growth of the hearing industry.

There are only a few other sites out there covering the hearing industry in great depth, so Hearing Mojo has attracted a following. Our readers include many audiologists, product developers, managers and investors in the hearing assistance industry. It also is of interest to people with hearing loss who are interested in everything and anything published about hearing aids, cochlear implants, hearing science and advocacy for people with hearing loss.

David Copithorne