On Semiconductor’s New Digital Signal Processors Drive Hearing Aid Cost Reduction

On Semiconductor DSP Chips

On Semiconductor Includes Advanced Hearing Aid Functions on New DSP Chips

With the introduction of two new digital signal processors (DSPs) integrating advanced sound processing functions, On Semiconductor is taking another step in the march to lower-cost manufacturing of both high-end and entry-level hearing aids.

The new members of the company’s Rhythm family of preconfigured DSP systems for hearing aids integrate 16-channel sound processing with features such as on-chip noise reduction and feedback cancellation.

By meeting two of the most important requirements of hearing aid designers — high-performance processing and low power consumption – the new platforms will make it easier for developers to design and manufacture more powerful and feature-rich hearing aids at lower costs. [Continue reading]

Oticon’s Made-For-iPhone Streamer Works With All Its Wireless Hearing Aids

Oticon Made for iPhone Streamer

Oticon’s Streamer Pro 1.2 Connects All Its Wireless Hearing Aids To Apple Products

While GN ReSound and Starkey introduced Made for iPhone hearing aids, a third member of the “Big Six” fraternity of  leading global hearing aid makers, Oticon, has opted for a different approach.

Instead of introducing a new hearing aid, Oticon’s new Made for iPhone ConnectLine Streamer Pro 1.2 and ConnectLine App will enable all of the wireless hearing aids it has sold since 2007 to synch up with Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. [Continue reading]